DIY: Raspberry Pi-based Retro Game Console

I got Raspberry Pi 2B for last Chrismas and decided I’d like to make a handheld. I didn’t have nearly any experiencence in making electronics, soldering, etc. before.


There are many similar projects like that in the web, so first I’ve decided to set my requirements (ease of use, RetroPie support, analog stick, and 5″ LCD screen) and found one great project at Adafruit… Which I later “disobeyed” many times – to support RPI2B (tutorial is made for RPI1) and mostly to use another parts – order from Adafruit store to Poland is unfortunatelly not reasonable in costs, so I’ve gathered my parts from stores in place… or Aliexpress. Mostly that.

I’ve decided to use same screen and screen controller board that Adafruit used (fortunatelly got both easily) to make sure it’s going to fit into 3D-printed enclosure (which was Adafruit one with bigger holes). It didn’t fit RPI2B easily, but good enough.

Biggest change was to not use SNES Controller board – I’ve changed it to external Arduino Pro Micro – which gave me built-in pull-up support and also was very nice to code.

I’ve used powerbank as battery.

Some cable soup, some broken analog-digital-converters (before I’ve switched to Arduino) and handheld gaming console is ready!

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