Quality of life upgrades

panoramaSome time passed, some hardware & software upgrades happened.

I’ve changed my host GPU to GeForce 660 as it’s still supported by official non-legacy drivers and support triple monitors without resorting to use Intel output. Even that it’s 100% possible to run, it’s much less hassle to just have it natively, out-of-box & with clean xorg.conf, not runtime script. :) Changed my CPU to i7-2600, upgraded RAM to 16 GiB. Still a bit short, lol.

Bought an SSD (Samsung 850 EVO) and it’s just great. Even if I still mostly sleep/resume my computer and Arch Linux host can’t be much quicker then it already was (because it’s fast and furious), Windows 7 gaming machine boots almost immediately and it’s great to quickly launch some game.

I’ve also managed to set up VFIO gaming machine (with W7 too) for my girlfriend.

Took some time to do cable management. Ah, so much cleaner.

And last, upgraded my workflow quite a bit – that’s planned for another post.


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